CID Unit

CID (Counter Intelligence Display) Units

CID Units are uniquely designed to sit on counter-tops and cash registers. This allows your customer to view an advertisement, while your employee is prompted to say the right thing at the right time.

Whether trying to encourage your employees to up-sell or simply reminding them to smile, the CID Unit is convenient, easy to install and effective.

Store displays easily slide in and lock, preventing theft of signage.

CID Base

Color Choices: White, Putty, Black


Available in White, Putty and Black

Custom orders accepted in lots of a 100 or more.
(For color, silk screen design, etc.)

SANFORD Bright Sticks and EXPO Dry Erase Markers – available at your office supply store.

The CID (Counter Intelligence Display Unit) installs in seconds!

Display your latest product or service to increase and improve Point of Purchase activity.

CID, with its patented locking system, mounts practically anywhere. Two-sided display cards provide both a PRODUCTS SALES MESSAGE and suggested EMPLOYEE COMMENTS.

Step 2.

Peel backing from pressure sensitive pad on bottom of Counter Intelligence Display Unit.

Step 3.

Postition the unit carefully on top of cash register with flat face of unit body facing customer.

Step 4.

To adjust angle of Display, simply tilt the unit to the correct angle. Tighten end screws if necessary.

Step 5.

To place sign in unit, pull out the end caps by inserting thumbnail in tab and slide out.

Step 6.

Insert display sign into jacket with graphics message facing customer.

Step 7. Lock display sign in place by pushing in end caps.

Step 8. Remove display sing after us, repeat #5.

Step 9. CID Unit should remain in place for future promotions.

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